AAAAAgagagahahahaha aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAG GRRRR gggggaaaaaaaaaaaaaarggg hhrrrrr haaaaa rghhhwawawaaaawaaa gueueueueueueueueu I am currently finishing up a PhD on art and knowledge work at the National Institute of Experimental Arts in Sydney Australia aaAAAGgggggaaaa SWWARRAAAAAGHH HUA HUEA HUA eeeerrrrr aaaaaaAAAGgggggaaaaa aaaaaAAAGgggggaaaaaaaaaaaaarghh I am a researcher at the super cool Artistic Technology Lab that is led by Matthias Tarasiewicz hhhwawaw ahhhwawawagahahahahaaa AAAAAgagag ahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaAAAAAgagagahahah ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa AAAAAgaga gahahahahaa aaaaaaaaaaaaa GRRAaaaaaaaawooooooooo I am working on the journal Runway Australian Experimental Art and developing its open access archive  Giiiiooooooo wowowooooo MMAAAaasssswwaaaarrrrrfggggggggg AAAhhhhaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaa AAAGhhoooooooo Arghhhhha ahahahahaha haoooooooaaaaaaaa I run the Austria Australia Arts Alliance with Artistic Bokeh to organise exchanges and exhibitions for experimental artists between Austria and Australia AAAAAgaga gahahahah aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAc AAAAgagagahaha hahaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaAAAAAgagagahah ahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa A HUEA HUA eeeerrrrr I am an editor for the new open access Journal for Research Cultures that focuses on epistemic practices in Art and Technology aaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaAAAG gggaaaaaaaaaaaaarghh hhhwawaaaaaawoooooooo RAAAAAGHerrrrr aaaaaarggg hhrrrrr haaaaa aaaaaaAAAGgggg I am also an artist that works with video and performance and Aaarrghhss (like a pirate almost) gagahahahahaaa aaaaagueue ueueueueueu euaHuuuushhhhaaaaaaAc AAAAgagagahaha hahaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaAAAAAgagagahahahaha aaaaaaa HGrrrraaa I occasionally give lectures on things like the logic of project economies AAAhhhhaaaaaaa aaaaaAgagagaha aaaaaAgagagaha AAAGhhoooooooo and write with Matthias Tarasiewicz papers for books on cryptocurrencies gggaaaaaaaaaaaaarghh aaaaAAAAA gagagahahahah aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I used to be in a synth orchestra of art school dropouts that were still at art school but now I just write limericks alt-country style haayuttuytuywwaaa gwaahhaa aAAAAAgagagahah ahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa gwARgjh Arhhhhggg  ahaaaaaaaaa aaaaaa AAAAAgaga I also research higher education and innovation but the most you can find on that at the moment is on my twitter account gggaaaahaoooo oooaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaarghh speaking of which you can find me also on facebook Mraghhhor and if you are so inclined on LinkedIn ahaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaAAAAAgag aaaaaaagggaaaaaa aaaaaaarghhaaaaa hhhwawawahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAG GRRRR gggggaaaaaaaaaaaaaarggg hhwawawagahahahahaaa I also hope to update this website completely sometime soon, but until then I’ll be in the platforms gggaaaaaaaaaaaaarghh hhhwawaaaaaawoooooooooooooooooo raaaciaaoooo.